Hi! I’m AJ…also known as your auntie ambam—your favorite virtual aunt!


Hello! My name is AJ, and I'm the cutie behind the blog: Diary of Ambam.

Think of me as that cool aunt who travels the world, drinks excessively, eat avocado toast and is living her best life one day (or blog post) at a time!

I’m currently on a mission to create a life I don't need a vacation from and created this blog to document my journey to happiness. Not sure how you found my blog-- or what I like to call my virtual diary--but I'm happy you stopped by! I can guarantee this is probably the best decision you've made all day! 

For those of you who are new, I wanted the chance to share a few fun (and random) facts about myself! Now that we’re family it’s only right that you learn a few things about your auntie! So here we go. Below are 30 facts about about moi!  


  • Born in Georgia, raised in Texas.

  • Certified goofball

  • I'm a travel zealot and stamp collector. I've traveled to 6 continents , 21 countries and over 50 cities.

  • Part-time vegan.

  • Born with 12 finger. Don't worry, the extra digits were removed (R.I.P)

  • I like my liquor brown and wine ridiculously sweet.

  • I’m an aunt to over 7000 nieces and nephews on Instagram

  • Raised by a Fan Boy & Star Wars fanatic.

  • Obsessed with BIG hair!

  • Still learning how to be a grown-up. I really thought I would have adulting figured out by now.

  • Drank poop coffee in Indonesia. It was surprisingly tasty.

  • Professional shower singer.

  • Lipstick stains on cups and glasses gross me out.

  • My individuality is my superpower.

  • Rainy days are my favorite.

  • Lover of forehead kisses

  • I'm one of those people who can't tell a joke because I start laughing really hard as I'm telling it.

  • I HATE watermelon. Don't revoke my black card.

  • I have the same Birthday as Michael Jackson. #teamvirgo

  • I'm in a long-term, semi-toxic relationship with macaroni & cheese (it's honestly the only reason I haven't become a full-time vegan).

  • I taught a monkey how to take a selfie in Bali.

  • My life goal is to become the cool aunt who is always traveling and saying inappropriate things at the family gatherings.

  • I think bras are the worst invention in history.

  • I love the people in my inner circle. Best support group ever!!!

  • I come from a family of giants. I'm 5'11 and one of the SHORTEST members in my family.

  • Played piano for eight years and the trombone in elementary school.

  • I carry EVERYTHING in my purse. If you ever need floss, deodorant, TUMs, a spoon, food, makeup removers, a spare tire. I gotchu!

  • Fluent in shade and sarcasm.

  • I danced with a Transformer in Spain.

  • Although I don't have everything figured out, I'm enjoying every part of my journey. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Alright, that's enough for our first introduction. This may be the first time you ever hear a woman say you can look through her diary, but feel free to snoop around for travel tips, wellness practices and restaurant recommendations!