For those of you new to my channel, I should make you aware that I am not a trained chef. Shoot, I can barely cook a microwavable pizza. So why the hell am I making these cooking videos? Well, it all started at the beginning of the year. I announced to my IG Family that I was making some drastic changes to my diet. My goal was to consume less meat and dairy in order to take control of my health. Not only did this force me to incorporate more veggies and fruits in my diet, but I also had to start cooking (*dramatically gasps*). I am the Queen of dining out, but the vegetarian and vegan options in Dallas are extremely limited. So I had to dust off my pots and pans and get my ass in the kitchen (which my bank account thanked me for. I guess I was spending waaaaaaaay too much on UberEats). As a joke, I started showcasing some of my vegan dishes (a.k.a. struggle plates) to my following each week. My plates never quite came out right (sometimes they didn't look edible), but over time I received more requests to recreate classic dishes using vegan ingredients. Due to the appeal, I created this segment on my YouTube channel to showcase some of my vegan experiments in an attempt to improve my cooking skills and introduce to my following healthier alternatives to their favorite comfort foods. Today I'm sharing one of my favs: Fettuccine Alfredo! If you've made this dish before, let me know in the comments below what ingredients you like to use!