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I'm finally back from Peru, and I'm ready to share the highlights of my trip. But before we get to all the fun stuff,  we need to have a quick convo about my Aeromexico flight to Lima. I got sick on my flight and the airline staff didn't give one f*ck! To be honest, I don't think they even gave half a f*ck.

This article was not written to discourage you from flying with Aeromexico, but to shed light on the uncomfortable situations that may occur when you travel.  I have a lot of travel newbies who follow my blog, and while I'm always going to advocate jettsetting to as many cities/states/countries as you possibly can, it would be remiss of me not to share the ugly parts of travel.

To add some comic relief to this semi-embarrassing story, I'm taking a leaf from one of my favorite travel blogger's, Charisse, book and including GIFs in the article. So here is goes. <In my Shaniqua voice> See what had happened was...


chapter one: the calm before the storm

I arrived at the Dallas International Airport around 5:30 p.m. My flight wasn't leaving until 8:30ish, but I'm one of those travelers who likes to arrive at the airport a day before my flight is scheduled to leave. I had a few hours before take off, and I decided to partake in my favorite airport tradition--eating and meeting up at the bar with my best friends,  Jack Daniel's and Franzia.  

I found a cute pizzeria in the airport, ordered some food, and had a couple glasses of the finest box wine available.

Side note: I hate flying, so I always have a glass of wine to calm my nerves. 

8 o'clock finally came around, and I went to my gate to meet up with my friend Ashley.

Our first stop was to Mexico City.

The plane ride was absolutely perfect!  There were only 15 passengers on the flight, and we both had a row to ourselves. The staff was cordial and I even had an opportunity to take a quick nap. We landed in Mexico safe and sound; everything was going smoothly. 

That's until we got to our next flight.

Chapter 2: our disaster flight 

When we arrived in Mexico City, we immediately headed towards our designated gate.

I noticed my seat assignment had changed. I always book a window seat when flying internationally, but my ticket said I was assigned to an aisle seat. It wasn't a big issue, but I wanted to see if I could have it corrected before we boarded. Unfortunately, there wasn't a gate agent present. No problem. The flight didn't look like it was going to be full, so I thought I would try to switch my seat once I got on the flight. plan didn't quite pan out. The flight was hella packed. 

As Ashley and I were inching our way to the back of the plane, I noticed some vacant seats at the front of the plane including a WINDOW SEAT! I almost broke out in a praise dance! My prayers had been answered!  

I asked a flight attendant if I could sit there. I don't recall this particular flight attendant's name, but because he's an important part of this story, we're going to call him Attendant Shady. 

Mr. Shady Boots said I could sit in the vacant seat as long as another passenger wasn't assigned to it. Ashley and I were the last to board, so I assumed it was free. I quickly sat down and prepared for take off. Five minutes later, Shady Boots comes to the front and demands that I move. The passenger assigned to that particular seat was in the bathroom when I boarded the flight. But I wasn't upset about having to move. The seat was rightfully his. 

As I collected my belongings, Shady Boots started to get a little impatient. He requests my seat assignment number and proceeds to rush me. I told him to be patient so I could gather my bags. Once I did, I walked to the back of the plane to find my original seat.

Unfortunately, someone was sitting in it.  

 I also noticed Ashley was still standing. Apparently, someone was in her seat too.  

Attendant Shady came over, and asked why we weren't seated and even asked if we knew how to read our seat assignments (Yes, asshole! I know how to read letters and numbers!). We explained that people were in our seats, and we were trying to get them to move. Shady Boots didn't seem to care at this point.  He snapped and told us to wait at the front while he figured out where he was going to place us.

I shot him the side eye before walking to the front of the plane. Five minutes prior, he practically yelled at me for sitting in someone else's chair. I guess he suddenly didn't seem to care that someone was in our seats.

While Attendant Shady tried to resolve our problem, Ashley and I noticed that first class had several vacant seats. We walked up to the flight attendant managing first class (let's name her Attendant Sweetheart) and asked her if they would be willing to put us in first class. We also told her we wouldn't mind paying the additional charge (which we found out was only $25 USD) if necessary. Just as she's about to place us in the front (free of charge), Shady Boots comes storming to the front.

He says that we would not be allowed to sit there because we hadn't paid. We told him, that we wouldn't mind paying the charge. He said, "no! That should've been done at the gate." 

If you remember, I told y'all there wasn't a gate agent when we arrived.

Attendant Sweetheart is still trying to help out me and Ashley. She whispers to us that once we're in the air, we can move to the front. But here's the plot twist. Shady Boots overheard, and told us he found two seats (which happen to be right behind first class) and that we would not be allowed to move the remainder of the flight.  

The good news: I got the window seat.

The bad news: Ashley had to sit in the middle next to a very active three-year-old child. 

Despite everything we weren't going to let this small hiccup ruin our trip. After all, we were headed to Peru and Shady Boots was not going to mess up our moods.

Well...once again, my plan did not pan out (this seems to be an ongoing theme in my story).  

About an hour into the flight, I wake up. I'm short of breath, overheated, and I'm not feeling too good. Something is wrong.

Ashley is up too, and I noticed she's not looking so great herself. She woke up about 10 minutes prior to me and asked one of the flight attendants for a Sprite to settle her stomach.  When they returned with her drink, she requested that they bring me out something too.

Out of nowhere, Shady Motherflipping Boots appears (seriously, he would just pop up), says they are not serving beverages at this time and that I will have to wait. 

Ashley tries to explain to him that I'm not feeling well, and that it may help to settle my stomach. He still refuses to serve us.

I'm getting hotter and the room is starting to spin. Ashley finds another flight attendant (we'll call her Ms. Gives No F*cks) and tells her that I'm feeling ill.  She tells us if I'm going to regurgitate to walk to the lavatory at the back of the plane. 

I completely understand that first class has a separate bathroom from the peasants (a.k.a economy class), but I was on the verge of passing out and knew there was no way I was going to be able to walk that far. The first class bathroom was within 10 steps, and that's all I would be able to manage. I asked if they could make a small exception, and allow me to use the bathroom that was closer because I was too weak to walk to the back. She said "no!"

All of a sudden I felt myself getting nauseous. And then it happened. I begin to vomit! I threw up my entire meal from the airport, my breakfast, the dinner from the night before, and probably a snack I ate from the previous month.

Side note: the barf bags are extremely durable. I was throwing up for a good 5 minutes, and the bag did not rip. It held everything. I was quite impressed. 

At that point, Ms. Gives No F*cks walks away. I know it's not entertaining to watch someone puke up their entire body weight, but she never returned. She didn't check on us once for the remainder of the six hours we were on our flight. 

As I'm hacking up every meal I ever ate in the past year, Ashley gets a cup of Sprite from Attendant Sweetheart. I start to feel better after I drink it, but then I start having hot and cold flashes. I have no idea what's wrong, and it's starting to worry me. 

Ashley starts to get the same symptoms.  One second she's fine and the next she's feeling extremely nauseous and having hot sweats. 

I also can't stop shaking and I feel myself starting to black out. I was freaking out. The only reason I didn't completely pass out is because I still have the bag of vomit in my hand. I'm afraid if I faint, it's going to spill all over my clothes. I start praying that one of the flight attendants will return with a trash bag to place my vomit in. Unfortunately, no one comes back around.

About an hour passes, and I have a little more energy. I'm still weak, but I manage to make my way to the back of the plane.  Here's where things get crazier. 

I go in the bathroom and throw away the vomit bag. All of a sudden, I start getting sick again. But it's coming from the other end. At this point, I'm pretty sure I have some sort of food poisoning. I pop a squat and let it all out. I think I lost about 10 pounds during those minutes.

I'm in there for a few more minutes before I hear a knock at the door. At first I think it's another passenger, and I politely let them know someone has occupied the bathroom. A few seconds later, I hear a knock again and realized it's Shady Boots (like seriously, why are you so obsessed with me!). He unlocks the door from the outside and tries to force open the door. Mind you, I'm still on the toilet, and my pants are still down! Gina is completely exposed! I start pushing the door and I'm yelling for him to stop trying to open the door. He continues for a few minutes. It's not until I scream at the top of my lungs for him to stop, that he finally leaves me alone.

 I'm beyond pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssed.

I've never felt so humiliated in my life. I finish my business, washed my hands, and bolted out the door. I turn to my right and Shady Boots and Ms. Give No Fu*ks are both staring at me. I guess they could feel my wrath, because Ms. Give No Fu*ks immediately starts to speak. She says they heard a noise in the bathroom and were trying to see if I was okay.

I called bullshit, and told them that I called out several times that I was fine. I also reemphasized that I was sick (which they all knew because they were there when I was throwing up in the front). Instead of apologizing for the mistake, she shrugged and told me to go sit down because people were waiting to use the bathroom and I had taken more than enough time in the bathroom. And that's when I strangled her and threw her off the plane.

Okay, so it didn't go down like that. I cussed her out (in my head) and angrily walked back to my seat.

At this point, I'm over the flight. I just wanted to get off. 


Chapter 3: Conclusion  

I wasn't upset about getting sick on the flight; that can happen to anyone.

I was irritated by the flight attendants callous behavior towards two passengers who were unwell. I've been on flights with ailing passengers, and the flight attendants made it a priority to assist them.

By no means, did I think the flight attendants should've stopped everything they were doing to take care of us. But there was no sense of urgency to make us comfortable, relaxed or figure out what was wrong. And at no point did anyone check up on us during the flight to ask if we were feeling better, suffered from any medical problems, etc. It scares me to think what would have happened had we required emergency assistance.

It's still unknown what made Ashley and I so sick. We didn't eat the same food from the airport, but experienced similar symptoms. Before anyone mentions the wine I had earlier, please understand that I did not drink enough to make me that ill. I barely had a buzz from it, so I know it wasn't that. And to reiterate, Ashley also had the same symptoms as me, and she didn't have wine or eat anything similar to me. Guess that mystery will be left to solve with Scooby Doo.

Thankfully, that was the only flight that was like that. Our returning flights were with Areomexico and we did not have any problems. This also had no negative impact on our trip. Our experience in Peru was wonderful, and this was the only unpleasant experience we had. 

My question to you: have you been on a flight with a sick passenger and were the flight attendants attentive?