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Ever wonder what it's like to be a flight attendant? Well, today is your lucky day! Our latest Traveler of the Week, Nyshia, is an experienced flight attendant that loves to eat all around the world, experience new cultures and help fight against human trafficking. To learn about her story, check out the interview below! 


Why did you decide to become a flight attendant? Did you have friends and family in the business? 

I became a flight attendant to help fight human trafficking in the sky. And to also make people more aware of it.


Being a flight attendant looks so glamorous, but what are a few things you wish you knew before becoming one?

How hard the first year would be. IT'S VERY HARD!!!!!! This type of job is an investment. It's not like a regular 9 to 5 where you see your return when you clock in and clock out. NO, you don't really reap your rewards until you've invested a good chunk of your time in the company, which is like a year or so later.



If you can explain(I don't know if this is private information), what's the process of becoming a flight attendant? Is it hard...easy? 

There is a four step process after the application is submitted. 

  •  If the application is accepted, you are invited to do a recorded video interview.
  •  If you pass that stage, then you are asked to come in and do an in person interview with the hiring team.
  • If you pass that stage, you then interview with the hiring manager. 
  • And of course, if you pass that stage, then you are offered to began a six to eight week training  (depending on the airline).  


What was your first day on the job like?

 Very nerve wrecking and exciting all in one. I didn't get my first flight until I was a month in.

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What questions do flight attendants secretly hate that travelers ask often? 

Ringing their call bell to  ask us to throw trash away, or coming on board with trash to discard when there are plenty of trash cans in the airport. Touching your trash with our bare hands is a NO!  Just wait until we come around with gloved hands and trash bags to take it. Thank you!


Do you ever get hit on at the job? And have you ever gone out on a date with a passenger? 

I get hit on all the time, but no one has ever taken the chance to actually ask me out.I think it's because of the stigma of thinking flight attendants are always asked out AND THAT'S NOT THE CASE!!! I'M SINGLE lololol.


What are your best chances of being upgraded to first class or getting free booze on the flight lol? If someone is really nice or cute do they have a better chance of being upgraded? Asking for a friend lol. 

Can't answer that one! 



Do passengers really try to have sex on planes?

I haven't had any passengers attempt such a thing on my flight nor have I heard any stories about that lol. 


Do you always get to fly for free since you're a flight attendant?

We fly anywhere in the US for free, but we have to pay taxes flying internationally. 


What is your favorite travel memory?

Going to Trinidad for carnival.


What is something you can tell us that the typical passenger may not know about traveling on planes. For example, I heard the tank used to store the water for the tea and coffee isn't always cleaned out. Is that true? 

I will tell you that our job is to keep you informed and safe during the flight. We weren't trained six to eight weeks to serve you food and drinks, that just happens to be a perk for you when booking. Our priority is to keep you safe at all times!



Have you ever had to refuse a passenger because they were too ill or drunk to board the plane? How did that go? Was there a lot of arguing haha?

Fortunately my drunkies knew how to behave themselves and slept the entire flight lol. Although I did have one grab my arm and try to kiss me as he was exiting the aircraft. But he was leaving, so I didn't have to kick him off .


What's the most memorable flight you've ever worked on? 

My first human trafficking rescue, that happened to be a thirteen year old girl from Ethiopia. 


What's the oddest request you've received from a passenger?

Drink mixology is the worst. I'm always like ma'am or sir this is not a bar. Take this sprite and sit down lol.



Who are the most difficult passengers? First class or coach?  

Girl, EVERY passenger (except first timers) feel privileged and entitled when they board. 


Has turbulence ever been so bad that you thought the plane may be going down?

Here's a secret: flight attendants LOVE turbulence. It's soooooooooooo soothing to us and don't ask why because I don't know. We get salty if there is no turbulence.



Tell me some of the places you've been able to visit due to your travels? 

Trinidad, Honduras,  St. Thomas, Barbados, Brazil, London, Madrid,  Hawaii, Argentina,  Canada,  Ireland,  Amsterdam,  Grand Cayman Island, Mexico; and of course, all of the US


What city or country was your favorite? Why?

I'm an island girl at heart so Trinidad and Barbados are my favorite. I also love London.



Do you get a lot of days off from work or is it a typical Monday-Friday gig?

The job is very flexible. As a line holder, I work when I want to.


What's the best part of your job?

The flexibility, always meeting new people, embracing different cultures, making people more aware of human trafficking, and the fact that I can catch a flight just to eat some of my favorite foods! 


How can my readers contact you if they have more questions? 

Instagram @pearlsrlife