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Like last week's Traveler of the Week interview, I asked Nat to answer 30(ish) travel-related questions that my followers could read in three minutes or less.  The interview is below, so take a glance and let me know what you think in the comments below. 


1.Which do you prefer? International or domestic travel?  International


2. Would you rather sit next to a person who listens to heavy metal rock music for an entire 10-hour flight or sit next to a crying baby for 10 hours? Heavy Metal. At some point I'm going to pass out. 


3. Are you an over-packer or carry-on gal? I'm an over-packer; but I barely bring the essentials lol. 


4. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while traveling? Be open minded! It's all about the new adventures. 


5. Window, aisle, or middle seat? Window seat, of course. 



6. All inclusive resort or secluded Airbnb in the jungle. Hmmm, I've not experienced the secluded Airbnb yet, so I'll go with all-inclusive (it's lifeeee). 


7. What is your favorite country/city/state? Favorite country is definitely Cameroon because that's the Homeland. 


8. Road trip or plane ride? Road trip. 


9. Would you rather sit next to someone on a 10-hour flight who smells like a skunk who rolled around in trash or sit next to someone on a 10-hour flight who vomits every hour? Ooo lord, that's hardcore. 


10. Relax at the beach or hike in the mountains? Relax at the beach. 


11. Group travel or solo travel? Solo travel. It's more convenient. I love to do my own thing on my own timeline, and get to the next thing without waiting on anyone. 



12. Where are you traveling to next? Hopefully Malaysia, Bali and the Philippines. 


13. What is one of the most bizarre experiences you’ve had abroad? People buying me food just to take pictures with me. 


14. Please tell explain? Where was that haha? It was when I first got to Vietnam. I lived in a little town for a month. People were just amazed to see a black girl with short blonde hair. I went to a restaurant with some friends and this man sent over some crab. I didn't understand why. The man stood next to me, and asked his friend to take pictures. At first, I was like, "ok, cool no problem," but then he wanted to kiss and I was like, "no, no, and no!" Definitely an invasion of space.  Code blue!


15. What's the most underrated place you've been? Overrated place you've been to?   The most underrated is Luxembourg; the most overrated is Singapore. 


16. What's so special about Luxembourg. I've never been so I'm curious to hear about your experience. Luxembourg for me is underrated because it is really a little village vibe and very green. I lived in the outskirt of the city so it was very rural, quiet and peaceful. Plus, it was a wine city so I was able to taste wine every other day. I just felt at peace because life out there goes two miles per hour. 



17. And why was Singapore overrated to you (I'm asking for myself because I may be traveling there in March haha). Singapore is a really over the top place. Don't get me wrong, the architecture of the city is amazing, but I couldn't see its authenticity. But that was just my experience, you might have a different feeling about the city when you visit.


18. Do you think it’s rude for a person to recline his/her seat? Why or why not? No, I don't think so. It's all about comfort. 


19.  If you could travel with anyone in the world, who would it be?  My little sister. 


20.  What’s your #1 travel tip? Be aware of your surroundings at all times. It's exciting to be in a new place, but you have to always remember that you are not in your natural element. Don't be gullible and do your research. 


21. Sneakers or sandals? Sneakers. 


22. Have you ever felt out of place traveling as a woman of color? If yes, please explain. Oh yes, especially when you have short blonde hair. The stares never stop.   


23. Do you prefer to wear sweatpants to the airport or something cute & chic? Sweatpants. 



24.   If you had to choose, would you rather eat a scorpion or a rat? Scorpion. 


25. What are some of your favorite travel accounts and/or sites? Travel Noire, We Work to Travel, The Wander Walkers, Tastemakers Africa, Visiterlafrique, and Diary of An Out of Towner. 


26. What's one item you never travel without? My mini elephant teddy bear; reminds me of home. 


27. In your opinion, when is the best time to travel? The best time is when life hasn't tied you down yet. Go for it! 


28.   How can my readers reach you? Do you have a blog, Instagram or Facebook account that documents your travels

IG: nat_ashima_
Facebook: Nat Ashima



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