the traveler of the week is Crystal Loud

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No need for lengthy introductions. Crystal is our Traveler of the Week and she was tasked with answering 25 questions in under three minutes. To find out more about our featured traveler, check out her interview. 

1. Which do you prefer? International or domestic travel? I prefer international travel. I try to make the most of trips especially if there are layovers. If the layover is over six hours that gives me a chance to explore another city before reaching my destination.

2.  Would you rather sit next to a person who listens to heavy metal rock music for an entire 10-hour flight or sit next to a crying baby for 10 hours? Heavy metal wins! I can tolerate this more since I too will be plugged up and probably asleep the majority of the time.

The crying baby is a negative. Nothing against children but I’d rather not smell the little stink bombs along with the crying.

3.  Are you an over-packer or carry-on gal? I’m a carry on gal! Talk about saving money and time. One of best things I carry with me are instacloth towelettes

4.  What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while traveling? Never be in a hurry and always keep an open mind with a smile.

5.  Window, aisle, or middle seat? Window

6.  All inclusive resort or secluded Airbnb in the jungle. OMG, I love both depending on where I’m going and what I feel like doing.

7.  What is your favorite country? Why is it your favorite? (UK) London.

I love Europe simply because you can travel to different cities by train or grab a quick flight or even the bus. Over the summer I went to visit a friend in Edinburgh Scotland. Curiosity got the best of me, so we flew to London and did the hop on hop off tour bus. I felt like being adventurous so we took another bus (Flixbus) to Paris which led us to riding a ferry. Lol we toured all of Paris then flew back. FUNTIMES!

8. Road trip or plane ride? Growing up road trips were the best. Now plane rides are my favorite.

9. Would you rather sit next to someone on a 10-hour flight who smells like trash, earring backs and a skunk or sit next to someone on a 10-hour flight who vomits every hour? Vomit. I’ll be sleep.

10. Relax at the beach or hike in the mountains? Both

11.  Group travel or solo travel? Explain. Solo travel!! I’m on no one’s time but mine. I don’t have to cater to other people or hear, “I don’t won’t to do that, “Let’s just go the pool!” We didn't just fly five hours to hit the pool; I'll see ya'll at the beach. 

12. Where are you traveling next? Beijing, Italy, Amsterdam, and Spain

13.   What is one of the most bizarre experiences you’ve had abroad? lol

14. Beer or Whiskey? Whiskey

15.  Do you think it’s rude for a person to recline his/her seat? Why or why not? No, I’m okay with it long as I can move.

16. If you could travel with anyone in the world, who would it be? Jesus

17. What’s your #1 Travel tip? Withdraw cash from the ATM at your destination.  

18.  Sneakers or sandals? Sneakers

19.  Have you ever felt out of place traveling as a woman of color? If yes, please explain. Yes, when I took my first solo trip it seemed a little weird going to dinner alone. I just remember the questions people would ask me or the looks I would get when walking to places at night. It’s like you could feel the eyes watching your every move. You’re pretty much like a walking museum.

20. Do you prefer to wear sweatpants to the airport or something cute & chic? Something cute  & chic.

21.  If you had to choose, would you rather eat a scorpion or a rat? Scorpion

22. What are some of your favorite travel accounts and/or sites? Momondo, jetscape, skyscanner, and

23. What’s your least favorite country? Or what do you think is the most overrated place you’ve traveled to? Aruba. It’s a beautiful city but overrated. It’s very Americanized. I reached my boutique hotel for the week and decided to go for a walk. To my surprise there was a Dominos and  Burger King in the same area.

24. In your opinion, when is the best time to travel? Off season

25. How can my readers reach you? Do you have a blog, Instagram or Facebook account that documents your travels? @crissyll

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