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It's official! Your relationship has advanced to the next level.  Your partner has finally uttered those three magical words--"let's travel together."

 You're initially excited about about the idea of venturing off  to an exotic country with your beau. Well...that's until you realize you haven't planned a baecation before. 

Maybe you've only dated fu*k boys/girls, so the only trip you've ever taken was an Uber back to your apartment after a long night of bad decisions. Or maybe your ex couldn't afford to vacation in your last relationship. No matter your reason, I'm here to help. 

As someone who has planned a few successful (and unsuccessful) baecations, I think I can be of some help. If you want to ensure your vacation is filled with less arguments and more fun, read my list of tips below.   

Sh*T happens! Bring TUMS & Poo-Pourri

Let's cut to the chase. Everyone poops.


Whew, that felt good to say. 

 I know men tend to believe the only reason women go into the bathroom is to cake on their makeup and take cute selfies, but I'm here to tell you that we download brownloads, too. 

With that being said, unless you're severely constipated, you and your partner will be taking trips (trips is plural) to the bathroom while on vacation. The quicker you understand that, the less awkward the experience will be.

I would suggest bringing some poo-pourri   spray if you don't want your partner to smell you.  And if you don't have time to buy some, you can always turn on the water faucet or take a dump before you hop into the shower (that's my little trick). 

I also advise bringing an acetaminophen, especially if you're vacationing abroad. Food from other countries, doesn't always agree with our stomachs so you should always be prepared.  

determine your budget (at the beginning)

It’s important that everyone remain on the same page. You might be able to afford caviar and yachts, but that doesn't mean your partner can. He/she might be on a buffalo wings and Budweiser budget.

You need to determine budgets and figure out what you’re each willing to contribute before you start planning anything! 

be honest about expectations

Closed mouths don't get the vacations they want. If you don't want to travel somewhere on your partner's bucket list, you better speak the fu*k up! Otherwise you'll be spending your vacation on some ant farm in Kansas.

This is not the time to be shy. You did not work 50 hours of overtime to visit Dorothy’s hometown and to look at bugs!

it's not all about you

Compromise is the name of the game.  Remember, you're traveling with another person, so try to at least agree to do one activity on everyone's list. Except for ant farms. That's non-negotiable! 

If you pick the destination, let your boyfriend/girlfriend pick an activity.

split the bill 50/50

Every couple is different, and your relationship will be unique from the next. I have friends who divide up the expenses, and I have other friends who don't have to pay a dime when they travel with their significant other (I truly envy them). 

I advise having an open conversation about what you are willing to pay for. When you're having this chat, be considerate of your partner's finances. From my personal experience, I split everything down the middle. I purchased the flights and my partner paid for the hotel and a couple of tours (it evens out); and sometimes we paid for our own plane tickets and split the hotel cost down the middle.

take a weekend trip first

I always say that weddings test the strength of friendships; and vacations assess the strength of relationships.  You must remember that you won't have the opportunity of getting into your car and going home if your boyfriend/girlfriend starts to irritate you. They will be in your personal space for 24 hours a day. They’ll be the first person you see in the morning and the last person you see at night (well, hopefully the last person you see) for the duration of your trip. So, you need to think about how long you really want to vacation with this person. If you and your partner fight every five minutes, I would not recommend taking a three-month trip to Europe. That's how you end up on an episode of Snapped.

I would suggest taking a three-day weekend trip to test out the waters. If you survive (I mean that literally and figuratively), you can proceed to booking a week-long vacation. 

take birth control or bring condoms

Sis, don't let him shoot up the club unless you have a fully staffed security team.

We're grown and we're going to do grown ass things on vacation, but don't let one night of fun become a lifelong commitment to a child. You don't even know if you'll like this person after the vacation is over. 

pick a destination that appeals to both of your interests 

Picking the location can be fun or a headache. If you're having trouble deciding on a place, check out my article 43 Vacation Destinations For Couples.  It lists several places to visit based on personal interests. 

You can also make a game out of it! Grab a few sheets of paper and write down some of the destinations you and your partner want to visit together. Place the sheets of paper inside a hat or bowl (make sure to shuffle them up). Have your partner close his/her eyes and draw from the hat. Whatever they choose is where you go! Except for ant farms! Again, that's not happening!  

Additional Note: remember to make sure these destinations are within your agreed budget. Don't you dare write down the Maldives if you're only willing to put in $200 and an expired coupon to McDonald's for the trip. 

Get travel insurance

I typically don't pay for travel insurance, but there are a few exceptions. You and your partner may break up before taking a trip (sad, I know). While I hope that's not you, you should have a backup plan in the event it happens. My ass would probably still go on the trip and invite someone else; but I understand that my level of petty far exceeds the average person. 

To avoid having to go on an awkward trip with your ex, or worse, cancelling your non-refundable plane ticket, just go ahead and get the travel insurance. Like my parents say, you don't need insurance until you need it.    

have fun! 

After all that planning, it's time for the fun to begin. Have some margaritas, stay out late, sleep in, and enjoy being with your beau! 

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