Just like patience, in travel, flexibility is a virtue.

the traveler of the week is jamie evans

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This week's interview will be slightly different!  I asked Jamie to answer 30 travel-related questions that my followers could read in three minutes or less.  Sounds good, right!?

I kinda stole this idea from my friend, Kim, (thanks for the idea girl, lol) who does a segment on Instagram called #KimInaMinute. I thought this would be a fun way to get to know the featured traveler without having to read a long a** interview (haha). So check it out!


1. Do you prefer international or domestic travel? Definitely international, but I am also working on the last 14 states I have not visited to see all 50 in the next 2-3 years!


2. Do you travel more for work or pleasure? Pleasure - it is best for maximum relaxation, and to take in the culture of the place you are visiting.


3. Favorite trip this year? Although a hard choice between Puerto Rico and Colombia - Colombia was spectacular! We visited Cartagena and Medellin, which were both amazing!



4. Favorite city? Domestic - Las Vegas; International - thus far, Medellin


5. Favorite country? Colombia


6. Favorite hotel you've stayed at? A tie between the Shangri-La Hotel in Vancouver, BC, and the Hilton in Cartagena.


7. Over-packer or carry-on girl? Carry on! I've gotten more adept at compact packing in the past few years.



8. Window, aisle, or middle seat? Window going (I love taking in flight video upon landing), and aisle on the return, since I like to get up and move freely, especially during long flights.


9. Relax at the beach or take a drive up a beautiful mountain? Relaxing at the BEACH!


10. Kayaking on a lake or cooking s'mores by a campfire? Campfire, s'mores, and views of the Lake.



11.Road trip or plane ride? I love road trips!


12. All inclusive resort or Airbnb? Resort! My last Airbnb experience (domestic) was not optimal; although the home was beautiful, the weird smell that lingered for days led to a full refund.


13. Best city to visit for food and drinks? On the East - Atlanta. On the West Coast - LA. Each based on the diversity of cuisine.


14. Best city to visit for nightlife? A four way tie between Toronto, Vegas, NYC, and Atlanta.



15. Best city to visit for art and music? Tie between Atlanta and Los Angeles.


16. If you could never travel again, what would you be doing? Still doing medicine and following travel blogs and the Instagram pages of fellow travelers!


17. Group or solo travel? Group - I love sharing experiences with loved ones or new friends.


18. Favorite travel tip? Leave any items at home that can potentially be confiscated (e.g., lighters, nail clippers, tweezers) unless you are okay parting with them.



19.Favorite travel quote? Just like patience, in travel, flexibility is a virtue.


20. Favorite travel partner? Most of my friends are amazing company and have beautifully complemented my travel.


21. Are you the type of person to recline her chair...or do you keep your seat upright for the entire flight? I usually stay upright.


22. Would you rather sit next to a crying baby for 10-hours or someone who kept vomiting for 10-hours? A crying baby. I love children, and don't mind entertaining them.



23. Favorite airline? Delta.


24. Best time to travel? Late Fall to early Winter.


25. Do you use credit cards to earn rewards points on travel? If so, what's the best one to use? Yes! I love the Delta Airlines AMEX, but don't sleep on the Southwest Airlines VISA - their points rack up quickly!


26. How do you keep yourself preoccupied on long flights? Reading my Kindle, listening to music, and catching naps.



27. Most memorable travel moment? Jetskiing in Guanica, Puerto Rico with coral and dolphins swimming below us.


28. Have you ever missed a flight? Yes, several. Last one was 2 years ago, at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta.


29. One item that you never travel without? My portable cell phone charger.


30. One item that every woman should put in her carry-on? Your toothbrush/paste, especially for long flights!



You can follow Jamie a.k.a Jay on Instagram @locdoctravels.

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