Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.
— Gustav Flaubert

Last weekend, my friends (Kassia, Cody, Nefertari) and I traveled to Colorado for a weekend getaway. From Cody mistaking a passenger for a flight attendant (and asking if she could throw away his trash) to a hitchhiker trying to force his way into our car (yep, that really happen), I would say this trip was an adventure from start to finish. Below is a mini recap of my trip along with a list of attractions to see if you're interested in visiting Colorado.  



We purchased a $78 basic economy ticket on United Airlines. While basic economy is great for extremely frugal passengers who know how to pack light *coughs*--my dad--*coughs again* I think I'll opt for the standard economy next time. Here's why:

  • With basic economy we were not allowed to check-in online. 
  • Could not bring a full-size carry-on bag.
    • I definitely tried to sneak through TSA, but was immediately stopped by a Transportation Security Officer. I'm still giving her the side eye and the Arthur fist as I type this. 
  • And we could not select our seats. With basic economy you're automatically assigned a seat and are not allowed to change it once it's assigned. 
    • This was my final straw, because I had to sit in the middle seat twice *GASPS*  Yes, I said TWICE! I don't know what I did to receive this type of punishment, but I wouldn't wish this on my worst enen-- actually, let me take that back. I would actually wish this on them. 


I completely understand these are first world problems, but I can't go through that kind of torture ever again. I'll pay the extra $25 for standard economy to sit comfortably next to the window.   


My group stayed at the Towneplace Suites By Marriott Denver Southeast (whoo, that's a mouthful). It was no Four Seasons, but perfect for our essential needs.  We only needed the room to catch up on some z's, shower, and get dressed. And it was only $70 (per person) for the entire weekend so I wasn't complaining...nor was my bank account. 

Hotel features and highlights:  

  • Complimentary buffet breakfast. 
  • For those who don't know how to unplug from the world (like myself), WiFi and High-Speed Internet were available. Oh, and it's FREE! 
  • Hotel is about a 25-minute drive from Denver International Airport. 
  • Our room included two rooms (queen bed in each room); one sofa bed (not going to lie, didn't look too comfortable. But my friend Cody took one for the team and slept on it); a fully-equipped kitchen, and a dining area. 
  • Oh, and it was roach free! Don't know about you, but that's pretty important to me. I cannot do bugs!  

The only minor downside about our room was having to share one bathroom with four people. We made it work by courtesy flushing when dropping our kids in the pool and having two people shower at night and two people shower in the morning to avoid overcrowding in the bathroom. 

Ground Transportation

 We knew we were going to explore other cities outside of Denver, so renting a car was a unanimous decision.  It was about $40 per person to rent for four days.    

restaurants  Denver


  • Mici
  • Union Station (restaurants inside) 
  • Thump Coffee
  • Fruition Restaurant 
  • Vinue Food and Wine Bar 
  • Snooze An AM Eatery 
  • Sryup 


Royal gorge bridge & park | CANON CITY

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is about a two hour drive from Denver. The view was breathtaking and there were plenty of rides and attractions for all ages: 

Quick note: make sure to check park hours. Some rides close early. 

pike's peak | COLORADO SPRINGS

Alright, let's talk about Pike's Peak and how we nearly drove off the mountain and got our car stolen by a hitchhiker.  

You can travel up Pike's Peak several ways. By train, private tour, or personal car. My group decided to drive because: 

  • We had a car. (Duh!) 
  • We wanted to save a few coins, because rent is a thing even when you're on vacation. 
  • Even if we wanted to ride the train, it was closed that day.  
  • We wanted to have the ability to pull over to take Instagram worthy photos and create epic IG stories. I'm not ashamed to admit that! 

Anywho! We were coming round the mountains (when she comes) and driving one red Hyundai before I realized we were pretty high up and there were no guard rails. One bad turn and we would be donezo.  And about 25 minutes into the winds started picking up, and by this point, I was RED-TAY-TA-GO! 

But I didn't want to look like a punk ass bitch in front of everyone, so I kept my mouth shut and said a quick prayer in case we needed it. I guess my Guardian Angel delivered my message to the Big Man/Universe/my ancestors with the quickness because about five minutes later a Pike's Peak Highway Patrol stops us to say the winds were too strong for us to continue and that we needed to go back down the mountain. 


We thanked the ranger for informing us and started looking for an area to turn around...or so I thought. 

As we started searching for areas to make a U-turn, Cody blurts out "we're not that far from the top, I think we can make to the top." And then Kassia says, "I agree, let's keep going!"

*Presses pause button* 

My apologies. I need to take a quick break from the story to say that I was giving Kassia the biggest side eye. Cody got a slight hall pass, because it's in his DNA to do crazy, dangerous stuff... but Kassia...oh Kassia was about to get cussed out. She KNOWS our people don't do shit like this. I don't know if it was the altitude pressure or adrenaline rush, but her brain was not working that day. 

*Presses play button * 

I kept my mouth shut because Nefertari (who I would like to mention is a person of color, too) was driving and I just knew she was going to follow instructions and take us to safer grounds. 


She started listening to Cody and Kassia, and continued driving UP THE MOTHERFLIPPIN MOUNTAIN!!!

I let this act of foolishness continue for about 10 more minutes until I realized the car was starting to swerve. Nef, felt it too and that's when we joined forces and decided it was time to end the ride. 

I don't remember everything I said, but I think it went something like this, "EFF THIS! Oh hell to the naw, naw, to the naw, naw! Turn around the f**k around! Do not pass go! We are done! The ride is over! Ain't nobody got time for this bullsh*t. If we die, I will haunt you for eternity!"

That was enough to persuade Kassia and Cody that we needed to turn back around. 

Unfortunately, the adventure didn't stop there. 

On the way back down the mountain, we stopped (in a safe place) to take some pictures. As we prepared to get out the car, this random stranger  (let's call him Billy, because he looked like a Billy) tapped on the window of our car.

Billy didn't look too well and he was dressed in a thin hoodie and jeans. He asked if we could take him down the mountain because he was tired of hiking. We told him "issa no". 

We weren't trying to be mean, but homeboy was off. To add, every time we asked him how he got up the mountain in the first place (because it was very odd that he wasn't wearing the proper clothes for hiking) he refused to answer us. 

Our spidey senses were tingling. We've watched enough horror films. It's always the "harmless" guy that ends up being the manic serial killer in the end. I just survived driving up the mountain, I did not have the energy to run away from Jason Jr. 

I guess Billy didn't like being told no because he would not leave us alone. I even offered to find the highway patrol to take him down the mountain, and he declined my offer. He wanted to ride in our car, and he even said he was going to take our car.  At one point, he hopped in the driver seat of our car and Nef had to pull him out.

He finally left us alone when he spotted another car up the road from us. He stumbled his way to the car, and the drivers surprisingly, let him in.

Wonder if they made it back. 

Anywho, Pike's Peak was fun! You should go lol.  

Garden of the Gods | colorado springs

Garden of the Gods is a National Natural Landmark located in Colorado Springs. Visitors can participate in front range climbing activities, jeep tours, and midnight hikes through the park. 

indian hot springs | IDAHO SPRINGS

On Sunday, the group split up. Cody decided to stay in Denver while Kassia, Nefertari, and I traveled to Idaho Springs to soak in the historic Indian Hot Springs . It's said the water helps to strengthen bones, support metabolism, and heal/repair muscle tissue. We opted for the Geo-Thermal Caves. The caves have five walk-in hot tubs filled with hot mineral water.  Temperatures range from 104-112 degrees.

 We were not allowed to take pictures or record any part of our experience, because clothing was not required to enter the cave. I thoroughly enjoyed it (because I don't like wearing clothes), but I would say if you're uncomfortable being around a ton of naked women, this may not be the activity for you. Vajajas (bald eagles, landing strips, fades, bushes and swamps)  and boobies were flailing around everywhere!  

botanic gardens | DENVER

To be honest, we didn't spend much time in Denver. We were having too much fun almost dying in Colorado Springs the we didn't explore much of the city. As I stated earlier, Kassia, Nefertari, and I went to Idaho Springs on our last day for some relaxation  while our other travel companion, Cody, decided to stay back in Denver to explore a few places. Below are a few of the places he explored: 

Denver Museum of Contemporary Art

Cheesman Park 

As always, hit me up if you have any questions! I'm always happy to help.