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Want a vacation, but don’t have time to plan one?  No worries! I’ll take the reins and coordinate your next trip.

Between working multiple jobs, being a full-time student and/or raising a family, most of us barely have time to take a vacation let alone plan one. This service is for individuals, couples, small groups, and families who yearn for rest and relaxation but need some assistance planning their next domestic or global adventure.




Prospective travelers will be asked in the pre-trip travel form if they want a customized guide or itinerary created for them. To ensure you’re selecting the right service, here are the key differences between the two services:


This service is for travelers who don’t need their entire vacation planned, but want some assistance researching activities to do in a location of their choice.  The customized travel guide service includes:

  • A 30-minute phone consultation to review your trip details.

  • A mini travel guide. Includes a list of:

    • Tour companies

    • Restaurants

    • Hotel/lodging options

    • Required travel documents

    • Important items to pack

  • A final 15-minute phone consultation to review the customized guide and answer any questions you may have.


This service is for travelers who either despise the planning process or have no time in their busy schedules to put together a trip. I’ll take the wheel and plan your trip from start to finish. All you have to do is fill out the pre-trip travel form and I’ll work my magic. The customized itinerary service includes:

  • A 30-minute phone consultation to review your trip details.

  • A mini travel guide. Includes a list of:

    • Tour companies

    • Restaurants

    • Hotel/lodging options

    • And required travel documents to pack

  • A detailed itinerary that outlines your day-to-day activities.

  • A final 45-minute phone consultation to review your customized itinerary and book your accommodations.



i’m ready for you to plan my trip! What’s next?

1. FILL OUT THE PRE-TRIP TRAVEL FORM. The form will include a few questions about your travel budget, dates, and interests.

Please note: the form will appear once you click the “Add to Cart” button on the next page.

2. SCHEDULE 30-MINUTE CONSULTATION. Once you submit your pre-trip travel form and pay the $25 consultation fee, you’ll receive an email to schedule a 30-minute phone conference. During this meeting we will review the pre-trip form and discuss my service fees.

Please note: the $25.00 phone consultation fee is non-refundable. However, if you decide to move forward with my concierge services, I will discount the cost of your customized itinerary/guide.  Please reach out to with any additional questions.

3. I PLAN, YOU PACK! After our initial consultation, I’ll begin curating your dream vacation (or guide) based on your travel budget, dates, and interests. We’ll schedule a final phone session to review the itinerary/guide.

4. BON VOYAGE! Pack your bags and prepare for the trip of your lifetime! It’s time for trip.





Jessica McClarty (italy)

“Amber was completely phenomenal in planning the trip of a lifetime to Italy and a major part in upgrading my travel paradigm. I’d never travelled abroad alone and now, I plan to do so at least once a year. I’d recently lost my mother and desired to take a trip that I promised her I would. Amber was extremely knowledgeable about the area, patient and expeditious with the planning, and accessible when I needed her...even when I was 5k miles away. I appreciated the flexibility in my itinerary, allowing me to explore, rest, dine and enjoy the locals.

I plan on partnering with Amber on my future travels with my 8 year old daughter as I open up the world to her to appreciate the beauty of people, culture, history and natural wonder. There was comfort in traveling with an “auntie” who’d been there, done that, and considered every part of my trip necessities...from country customs and attire to commuting tips and accommodations.”

Jessica used the customized travel guides service.


Paula Rouse (Philippines)

The only negative thing I’ll say about this trip is that I wish I could’ve stayed longer!

The Philippines had never been on my radar until I moved to California. There’s a large Filipino community here and my friends would always talk about how beautiful the country was. So that’s why I decided to go for my 30th Birthday.

Amber was great! I normally plan my own trips, but I was in the process of changing jobs in March and literally had no time to plan anything. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, and sent Amber information on where I wanted to go. Not only was she able to find great flight deals, but she was found inexpensive tours as well.

Oh, and did I mention I asked her to plan this trip in a few days!? I kinda decided last minute that I wanted to go, and she put this trip together for me in a few days without any complaints.

Overall I thought Amber did a great job. I enjoyed working with her because she stayed in contact with me and I still felt like I was involved in the planning process. I’m very particular about what I do on trips, and every tour she selected for me was perfect. I will definitely have her plan another trip for me in the future.

Paula used the customized itinerary services.


brittany douglas (mexico)

Amber planned my 29th birthday trip to Mexico. It was my first time there and although I'd known some of the sights I wanted to visit, Amber provided me with a list of excursions and tours that I had absolutely no idea about. She was very thorough and patient answering my many questions. She considered things I'd never thought of and being a fellow traveler myself, I was very impressed. Because I am very particular with my diet, the list of restaurants and bars Amber sent over really relieved a ton of potential stress in finding places for me to eat. It was nice to show up to the airport and enjoy my vacation without worrying about the day to day adventures. It was even nicer to enjoy my vacation and my girls and to not be so stressed with the nuances that come with vacationing. I would 1000% recommend Amber to anyone wanting to travel and really experience other places, she's amazing!

Brittany used the customized travel itinerary service.


Kimberly Stephens (date guide)

I reached out to AJ to help me with some date night ideas because I wanted to do something out of the box and quite honestly, I had been running out of ideas! (AKA I’m not creative)

Not only did AJ spend time talking to me to get to know me and my husband a little better, but the excitement in her voice as ideas were running through her mind is what amazed me! Her timeliness and effort that was spent putting together the document was well written, easy on the eyes and just as colorful and full of light as she is!

I’m thrilled to be implementing ALL that AJ has suggested and I can’t wait to work with her again in the near future. Thank you for taking time to help me spruce up my date nights!


chika ibekwe

Y’all let me tell you about my virtual auntie! Reached out to her on instagram and asked her some questions about Montego Bay, Jamaica and not only did she answer my questions but she went the extra mile and creates a guide for us. When I tell you she made our trip so much fun, I couldn’t be happier . Although we couldn’t do everything that Auntie recommended, we went to this restaurant called the Pelican and it was BOMB! We also got to go zip lining using her provided websites! Thanks again auntie for making my first international trip one I won’t forget! Can’t wait for my next customized guide.